Bioanalytical Quest

Bioanalytical Quest Sdn. Bhd. is a start-up company developing medical diagnostic devices based on qualitative Lateral Flow Immuno Assays (LFIA) test strip alongside other biochemistry related works. The company has been established under NCIA-MTDC Symbiosis 2011 program and has acquired license for the fundamental development of colloidal gold nanoparticle (which is the crucial element in any test strip immunoassay production) from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Situated in USM’s main campus compound, technology transfer has been started ever since the lab spaces have successfully acquired. A few collaborations have been initiated with government agencies, local universities and research centres specializing in various fields related to Biotechnology, Bio-industry, Public Health and Food Safety, Disease Monitoring Programme and Water Quality that have the need for LFIA and development of test strip or colloidal gold nano particle for specific purposes.


Bioanalytical Quest mission is to be the LFIA test strip manufacturer that has the complete control towards the manufacturing processes, the quality and consistency, acquired through the related fundamental science. The mission includes the ability to fulfill the market demand as the contract manufacturer.


Our goal is to become the first LFIA feasibility centre in Malaysia to cater the regional and international demand on LFIA test strip production for any possible, current or new LFIA test strip type or any other biochemistry related work with great consistency and quality control