Types of AnimalProducts

• Bovine FMD NSP Antibody Test
• Bovine Brucella-TB Combo Test
• Bovine Brucella-TB-FMD Combo Test
• Brucella RBPT Kit (100 Tests/Kit)
• Rota Antigen Test
• Rabies Antigen Test
• Bovine Pregnancy Test (PAG1)
• Bovine Pregnancy, Progesterone
• Anthrax Antibody Rapid Test
• Antibiotic Sensitivity Tray, Mastitis
• ABST: Portable Incubator
• Brucella Antigen Test
• Anthrax Antigen (spore) Test
• FMD NSP 3ABC Ab Rapid Test
• Bovine TB Antibody Rapid Test
• Bovine Brucella Antibody Rapid Test
• Bovine Anaplasma Antibody Rapid Test

Canine • Antibiotic Sensitivity Tray, Canine Panel
• Canine Parvovirus Antigen Test
• Canine Distemper Virus Antigen Test
• Canine Corona Virus Antigen Test
• CPV-CCV Combo Test
• Canine Adeno Virus Antigen Test
• Canine Ehrlichia Rapid Test
• Canine Lyme Antibody Test
• Canine Leptospira IgM Test
• Canine Leishmania Antibody Test
• Canine Brucella Antibody Test
• Canine Heartworm Antigen Test
• Rota Virus Antigen Test
• Rota-Adeno Antigen Test
• Giardia Antigen Test
• Rabies Antigen Test
Feline • FPV Antigen Test
• FIP Antibody Test
• FeLV Antigen Test
• FIV Antibody Test
• Feline Toxoplasma Antibody Test
Swine • Swine Brucella Antibody Test
• Swine FMD NSP Antibody Test
• Classical Swine Fever Antibo dy Test
Avian • AIV Type A Antigen Test
• AIV H5 Antigen Test
• NDV Antigen Test
• IBDV Antiggen Test
• Mareks’s Disease Antigen Test
• NDV Antibody Test
• IBD Antibody Test
• REO Antibody Test
Ovine/Caprine • Caprine Brucella Test
• PPR Antibody Test
• Brucella Ovis Rapid Test
Others • Salmonella Antibody Test
• Brucella Serology
    a) Rose Bengal Plate Test Antigen
    b) Brucella RBPT Kit
    c) Brucella Milk Ring Test Antigen
• Mastitis
    a) CMT Reagent Kit
    b) Lactate dehydrogenase Strip
• Ketosis
    a) Beta Hydroxybutyrate Strip
• ELISA Kits
    a) Bovine Brucella Antibody ELISA
    b) Bovine TB ELISA FMD
    c) NSP ELISA
    d) FMD Typing ELISA (O,A, Asia 1)


Types of GoldProducts
Gold Solution 40nm Gold Solution
20nm Gold Solution
Gold Conjugate Gold-RAB Conjugate
Gold-SAR Conjugate
Gold-Streptavidin Conjugate